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Solar Tracker Product Tour

Washington Jersey Washington Holtby Capitals Capitals

From small commercial installations to residential systems, our dual-axis solar tracker is a go-to product for customers looking for a high-end, high-efficiency, American-made solar solution.

Washington Jersey Washington Holtby Capitals
Washington Jersey Washington Holtby Capitals

Maximum energy production.

  • A complete grid-tied, ground-mount solar solution.
  • 360° of dual-axis tracking yields up to 45% more energy than a fixed roof system.
  • Capture all of the day's solar potential, year-round.
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Smart technology.

  • Sophisticated communication controls to monitor performance and environmental factors.
  • GPS technology for automatic calibration and consistent angling towards the sun.

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Quality and durability.

  • A rugged hydraulic system for long-lasting durability and performance.
  • Industry-leading limited parts warranty, 25-year design life, and rigorous lifecycle testing.
  • Simple system design with a limited number of robust parts that require minimal service over time.

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Weather Modes

  • Designed to withstand the conditions.
  • 120-mph wind rating and snow, wind, and cold modes keep your tracker safe from the elements.

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